• Two crystal locked code hopping remote keys
  • Doors, bonnet & boot protection
  • Piezo shock sensor
  • Digital battery siren
  • Flashing LED
  • Engine Immobilisation
  • PIN number override
  • Central locking integration
  • Black wiring harness/Tracking interface
  • Adjustable Turbo Timer/interface
  • Eight sector automatic diagnostic system

 REPELLER designed & tested to Australian Standards

Alarm Upgrade (with factory remotes) integrates with the vehicles original remote controls supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. Includes back-up battery & Ultrasonic glass breakage sensors. You will activate / de-activate the upgrade alarm system with the car remote control.

Manually locking with car key will not set the upgrade alarm system.

24 months warranty $595- incl GST, fully installed


  • Alarm Activation
    If the door, boot or bonnet of the vehicle is opened, the alarm is activated by a direct switch or by voltage drop sensing.
  • Electronic Shock Sensor
    REPELLER car alarms have built-in adjustable Piezo electric shock sensor, can be activated by conducted noise to the body of the car. Examples are breakage of glass, noise transmitted through interference to door locks, breakage of wheel lock nuts, attempts to force open door or bonnet, or vehicle being towed away.
  • Internal Movement Detector
    Ultrasonic sensors placed within the car activate the alarm by any movement inside the vehicle.
    This feature may be deleted at any time through the remote control.
  • Flashing Alarm Light
    A high intensity LED flashing light pulsates when the car alarm is on.
  • Reserve Battery
    A reserve battery incorporated inside the alarm powers the siren should a thief disconnect your car battery. The battery is automatically re-charged while driving and and has test function.
  • Ignition Immobilisation
    This option isolates the ignition when the alarm is activated, preventing starting of the car.
  • High Powered Siren
    When the car alarm is set into action the high powered siren sounds and the indicator lights flash.
    It automatically resets itself unless disturbance continues.
    REPELLER – for people who want reliability, quality and value.

The REPELLER car alarm system here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches offers you quality features and reliable security for your car and are used extensively throughout Europe, America and Australia.

State of the art electronic technology makes these alarms reliable, sensitive anti-theft devices, warning if you should have any unauthorised intrusion or attempt to steal your vehicle take place.

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