Glare Micro-Finish

A revolutionary micro compound developed with our exclusive Glassplexin formulation. It  has the smallest and finest abrasive particles added to remove light to moderate levels of oxidation and micro scratches without scratching or harming the applied surface. Ideal for pre-cleaning paint surfaces. Hand or machine applied. 355ml.

$48.40 incl GST

Glare Professional Car Polish

A non-stick, high gloss, all-weather, temperature- flexible sealant containing a new type of proprietary chemical formulation called Glassplexin &  represents the very latest in paint appearance and protection technology. Ideal long life polish . Leaves a brilliant glass finish on car with added benefits against elements. Will not wash off like regular polish or wax. 355ml.

$48.40incl GST

Glare Vinyl Leather

An all weather protectant that contains a special blend of natural ingredients and a chemical formulation called Supplexin, which is designed to beautify, soften, deodorize, preserve, and protect against damaging agents found in the everyday usage of your vehicle’s interior. 355ml.

$44.00 incl GST

Glare Strand Lock

A spray on liquid repellent. Contains Strandplexin fabric protection to withstand spills, dirt, grease and many other liquids. Shields from harmful UV rays and is ideal for all fabrics, leather, suede, & carpets in your car. 355ml.

$33.00 incl GST

Glare Ultra Car Wash

“Cleans your vehicle, keeps your shine.”

The most advanced wash ever developed. A PH balanced concentrated wash.
Safe for all paints and finishes including the new clear-coated paints.
New technology that leaves your vehicle clean and glossy like no other vehicle wash can. Contains Glassplexin. 355ml.

$33.00 incl GST

RustPro Protection Kit

Latest technology in impressed current, complete kit with installation instructions.
No drilling required. Modern, durable design, made to fit the most compact engine bay.

$220.00 incl GST

Applicator Pads – Foam (2)

Use for applying all types of wax, polish, or protectant as part of the car detailing process. Soft non-scratch foam. Rinse & re-use. Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 2cm.

$5.50 incl GST

Microfibre Chamois

Combines the drying power of a chamois with microfibre cleaning power. Combines super absorbency & microfibre cleaning power. Leaves windows and car body clean, dry, & streak-free. Safe on all vehicle clear coat finishes. Stays soft & subtle. Dimensions: 40 x 53cm.

$17.60 incl GST

Microfibre Cloth

360gsm terry microfibre cloths. Hygienic, re-usable. Extra strong & absorbent.
Cloth size: 40 x 40cm.

$4.40 incl GST

Sponge Dirt Buster

New generation urethane sponge. Superior cleaning power. Maintains shape when wet. Large pores capture dirt. Super sudsing power. Ultra absorbent & durable.
Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 5.5cm.

$4.40 incl GST

Tyre Shine

Instant radiant ultra-black shine. WET Tyre Shine’s durable, water-resistant formula lasts for weeks without slinging or dripping

  • Lasting satin or high gloss shine
  • Spray directly on tyres for a long lasting shine
  • EAGLE ONE 680ml by Valvoline

$16.50 incl GST

Wheel Cleaner

The #1 Wheel Cleaning brand in the USA for over a decade.

  • Simply spray on then hose off
  • Acid-free – Safe for all types of wheels & hubcaps
  • Thick foam formula safely removes brake dust, grime & grease
  • EAGLE ONE 680ml by Valvoline

$16.50 incl GST

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