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Colour Change & Signage

  • Creates a professional image for your business…
    turn your company vehicles into mobile billboards.
  • Advertising catches the eye of any potential clients on the road.
  • Whereas repainting your vehicle can void your warranty, a vehicle wrap typically will not void your warranty.
  • The re-sale value of your vehicle is not affected.
  • Car wraps come in a vast array of colours and finishes…including – custom printed designs, semi-gloss, matte, flat, gloss, carbon fibre, metallic flake, brushed steel, chrome and even leather-type appearances.
  • Damage to wraps are much easier to repair,
    the damaged graphic is simply replaced.
  • Wraps can be full or partial depending on your need or budget, you can choose to wrap your bonnet, boot, doors, roof, mirrors, a few stripes or even full body.
  • They can be removed without causing any damage to your paint.

Paint Protection Film

Protect the paint and bodywork: protective film protects the car against external factors such as stone splinters, scratches, discoloration, acidic insect repellent and many other factors.
Application without structural changes and repainting – applying the film to the vehicle does not require 
painting or mechanical interference in the construction.
The resale value of the vehicle rises – after a few years the protective film can be removed and the vehicle’s paint will look like new, without any damages and scratches.

Self-healing technology: within Paint Protection Film is the ability for the film’s topcoat layer to mend itself when washing marks, swirls or light scratches are introduced to the surface of the film.
Roughly 0.5 mm thick, the topcoat heals over time with exposure to heat from the sun or can be accelerated by introducing hot water or heat from a hair dryer. The scratches literally disappear!