GLARE Car Interior Protection

Benefits of Car Interior Protection:

  • Allows spills to be removed using a cloth or towel
  • Will not crack or discolour
  • Blocks out UV Rays
  • Protects natural qualities of leather and vinyl
  • Preserves resale value of new and used car
  • Forms barrier against all liquids and contaminants
  • Fabric and carpets require special treatment to withstand the elements and ground in dirt.
  • Pets, children and many hobbies of today’s lifestyle can lead to early deterioration of your fabric seats and vehicle’s carpet.
  • Maintains natural softness of fabric and carpets


Car interior protection protects against decolouration and deterioration of fabric/leather/vinyl, cracking, liquid spills, most stains, wear and tear, and helps preserve the resale value of your car.

Warranty 5 years (from build date) $385-incl. GST.

GLARE Leather & Vinyl Car Protection

This long lasting treatment is formulated to absorb into the leather/vinyl trim where it nourishes oils in leather and preserves its natural qualities and supplements any lost plasticizers in vinyl.

It creates a transparent barrier that resists soiling and water penetration. You can thus protect your vehicles interior with an invisible protective coating that fuses with leather and vinyl to repel liquids, food, dirt and other contaminants.

GLARE Fabric Protection

This long lasting treatment is applied to the interior fabric and carpet area of your vehicle which repels water, viscous fluids, other staining agents, and increases wear resistance of treated surfaces.

The product forms an invisible protective coat that fuses with fabric, has no residue, is low maintenance, non-toxic, non-flammable and odourless.

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