Sam Rana - Managing Director

Sam is a founding director of Brookvale Auto Centre and is responsible for group strategy, marketing and driving the future growth of the company.

He has a proven track record in the Australian automotive industry, with a career spanning over 25 years, including sales management positions with the franchises of GM Holden, Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz.

During this period he successfully completed senior management programs at the General Motors University of Automotive Management, the Automotive Training Institute, and the Honda Business Institute (Mt Eliza Business School).

Sam is a long time northern beaches resident and is an active member of the Manly Business Chamber – providing support, encouragement and pride of ownership to local business.

Ron Joslin - Valuer/Buyer

Ron is recognized as one of the most experienced valuer/buyer’s for motor vehicles in Sydney. He has immense knowledge of evaluating cars as per used car market values.


Ojdana Skovrlj - Accountant

Ojdana’s responsibilities include accounts, financial management and taxation.

She is a tax accountant and registered company secretary with ASIC, and a member
of the Institute of Public Accountants. With a B’Com/Accounting, currently finishing
her CPA certification.

John Goetze- Sales Manager

John has over 15 successful years of vehicle sales and valuation experience with the franchises of Hyundai, Honda, Mazda and Chrysler-Jeep.

After 25 years in stockbroking on the trading floor of the Australian Stock Exchange, his passion for cars finally lured him to the motor industry.

Kim Lowe – CBA Lending Specialist.

We can help you choose a flexible vehicle loan option to suit your car buying needs.