Vehicle Rust Protection Pack


  • incl: Chemical Rust Proofing
    (applied under body and part upper body to control rust)
  • incl:   Electronic Anti-Corrosion System
    (suppresses rust development & supplements traditional coatings)
  • Vehicle Warranty (from build date) 7 years new vehicles, 5 years 4WD/commercials.
  • Total Investment price range from $1430 to $1650 incl.gst. 

Brookvale Auto Centre are your rustproofing specialists who understand local conditions and how to ensure effective long term rust prevention. We have access to the latest application techniques and a range of tried and tested high performance anti-corrosive coatings.

ENDRUST Chemical Rust Proofing

(Under-body and part upper-body)

Our harsh Australian conditions can cause surface rust and corrosion to even the best quality vehicles. If your vehicle is exposed to salt-laden air, salt water, mud, dirt or snow then you need to take extra steps to protect against rust. Vehicle under-bodies are in particular are often ‘out of sight and out of mind’ but they will be in direct contact with corrosive materials and will deteriorate if not protected.

Spray-on or Chemical Proof Coatings such as ENDRUST  have been proven to provide the most reliable and effective corrosion protection when professionally applied. It stops rust by forming a barrier between the metal surface and the salt, moisture and air.

ENDRUST  Products are manufactured and tested to conform to standard AS2662/1. and protect the vehicle against perforation rust wherever it is applied. This ensures a safer vehicle as rust can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle and also helps preserve resale value.

The ENDRUST® “Core” product range includes UB302B – the original “Underbody Black” – a bituminous, thixotropic, anticorrosive, sealant ideally suited for the complete coating of the underside of vehicles. ML602 – a fogging style “Cavity Wax” purpose-designed to float and coat inside box sections and hard to access panels. 

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CAT III 2HD Electronic Rust Suppression System.

• Disrupts the natural electro-chemical process and slows the spread of new and existing rust.
• Almost all the metal on the vehicle is reached, both inside and out including places where traditional (spray) coatings may be missing or not typically applied.
• The rust suppression is an ongoing process 24/7, and good for a lifetime.
• There is no odour, chemical leakage nor any danger to the environment. 
• There is no electronic interference – CAT is certified to comply Australian, US & European EMC regulations.
• CAT is designed tough for the harshest conditions.
• CAT can help avoid costly future rust repairs.
• CAT is both 12VDC and 24VDC compatible. (or 240VAC with a converter)
• CAT will not send your battery flat – active low voltage cut off is standard.
• CAT slows paint oxidation (from anecdotal evidence)

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