Benefits of Electronic Car Rust Protection

  • Higher resale value.
  • A properly cared for car with no rust will achieve a far higher resale or lease-end value than a well-cared for car that exhibits signs of rust.
  • A cleaner, better looking, safer car.
  • Air-borne dust will no longer be attracted to your car.
  • Eliminate static shocks from your car.
  • Suffer no more pain during dry weather.
  • Rust is unsightly.
  • Structural components can fail due to excessive rusting.
  • Keep your car longer
  • A car with rust will not last as long as a rust-free car.
  • Not even scratches will rust!

Automotive Electronic Car Rust Protection

No harmful chemicals, no sprays, non-toxic, no holes needed during installation, easily transferable, no maintenance, protects up to 95% of your vehicle, latest advanced technology, no touch-ups or re-application required, totally safe and environmentally friendly.

Warranty 5 years (new cars) 3 years (new 4WD/Commercials) $440 incl GST.

RustPro Vehicle Rust Inhibitor

RustProRustPro uses a microprocessor controlled circuit to generate a negative electrical charge to your car’s grounded body panels which in turn inhibits the forming of rust.

Unlike conventional rust-proofing that is sprayed onto the underbody of your car, RustPro protects all continuous metal panels throughout the car.

RustPro is particularly effective in reducing rust and corrosion formed when the underbody of your car receives nicks and cuts to the vehicle manufacturers own body sealant, during the course of its normal life.

Cars today have approximately 3,000 welds. Welds and their immediate vicinity are the areas most vulnerable – and are the areas hardest to protect with conventional rust-proofing treatments. RustPro is the only practical method to protect all the continuous metal throughout your car, including the inner cavities.

Through innovative design, RustPro works especially well in humid and harsh environments – the times when your automobile will need it most. RustPro has been manufactured to reduce rust and corrosion from both the outside and inside of your car.

RustPro uses a Patent Pending method of operation called Pulsed Current design.
The active principle that delivers RustPro’s impressive results is a high-frequency direct current charge to the entire automobile’s metal frame work and surface. Once installed, RustPro delivers this charge many times a second for a pre-determined period of time, forming a protective coating of excess electrons.
It is this coating which lessens the destructive oxidation and corrosion of your car’s metals.

NILRUST Chemical Rust Proofing

(Upper-body + Under-body + Sound Deadener)

NILRUSTProducts are manufactured and tested to conform to standard AS2662/1.

The specially formulated sealant is applied inside doors and body panels and to all vulnerable areas including the vehicles under body protecting the chassis and vital safety components such as brake and fuel lines from corrosion. The sealant is a highly advanced chemical compound which mists to penetrate seams and joins leaving a flexible protective coating, locking out moisture and other corrosion forming compounds. It stops rust forming, and enhances long term value, safety and structural stability.

We complete your vehicle’s protection with  Nilrust Sound Deadener – a fibre reinforced bitumen based product applied in a thick coating to the under body of your vehicle. This serves to reduce road noise caused by tyre to road contact and stones, gravel, sand and water being thrown against the floor pan and wheel wells. It also protects your Nilrust Rust Proofing from potentially damaging stone chips and your vehicle will benefit from increased temperature insulation and added protection from damaging, abrasive dust particles on moving parts.

Warranty 5 years (new cars) 3 years (new 4WD/Commercials) $660 incl GST.

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