Total Vehicle Rust Protection Package

  • incl: CAT III automotive anti-corrosion system,
  • (suppresses rust development)
  • incl: NILRUST chemical rust proofing.
  • (part upper body, under body & sound deadener)
  • Vehicle Warranty (from build date)
  • 7 years new vehicles, 5 years 4WD/commercials.
  • Total Investment $1210-incl.gst


CAT  The most effective Automotive Electronic Rust Protection System available

No harmful chemicals, no sprays, non-toxic, no holes needed during installation, no maintenance, protects up to 95% of your vehicle, latest advanced technology, no touch-ups or re-application required, totally safe and environmentally friendly.

Not all electronic rust suppression systems are the same!

A negative electrolysis system like CAT is the ONLY method effective on ‘free air structures’ like motor vehicles and machinery. You can be assured that everything associated with CAT is quality and with a CAT unit protecting your asset there is nothing in the world that could be doing a better job.

CAT are the leaders in electronic rust prevention with over 25 years experience built around research, testing and tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

CAT  Features & Benefits…

  • can slow the spread of new & existing rust by up to 5 times
  • can prolong the life of your vehicle & improve resale value by keeping it ‘rust free’
  • compatible with both 12V & 24V electrical systems
  • waterproof & shockproof
  • uses less than 35 milliamps when your vehicle is not running, so it will not send your battery flat!
  • 100% Australian technology & is designed Aussie-tough for the harshest conditions
  • will not interfere with automotive electronics or computers
  • protects the entire vehicle, not just area which can be sprayed
  • has even been shown to slow down paint oxidation (fading)

CAT III 2HD Electronic Rust Suppression System

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Free air structures such as motor vehicles are not submerged in water or buried in the soil so a different technology is required. 

The original inventor of the CAT System discovered that by “impressing” or “forcing” an alternating current (AC) with a specific waveform and frequency into the metallic body of a motor vehicle the rusting process could be interrupted (slowed) and in some cases stopped altogether. 

This technology was thoroughly tested in the UK and proven to be effective before it was released onto the Australian market in 1989. 

The CAT technology has been continually tested and refined ever since and many improvements have been made along the way. It should be noted that laboratory and real-life testing has proven the CAT technology interrupts the rusting process, however the exact reason why is still often debated amongst academics.  

It is widely believed that “stray currents” produced by the myriad of electrical connections and electronic devices in modern motor vehicles are what promote corrosion, and the CAT technology simply causes these stray currents to behave in an orderly manner instead of just randomly moving through the metal of the vehicle. This theory is supported by salt fog chamber testing; the most recent conducted independently by SGS Laboratories in April 2015.

NILRUST Chemical Rust Proofing

(part Upper-body + Under-body + Sound Deadener)

NILRUSTProducts are manufactured and tested to conform to standard AS2662/1.

The specially formulated sealant is applied inside doors and body panels and to all vulnerable areas including the vehicles under body protecting the chassis and vital safety components such as brake and fuel lines from corrosion. The sealant is a highly advanced chemical compound which mists to penetrate seams and joints leaving a flexible protective coating, locking out moisture and other corrosion forming compounds. It stops rust forming, retards further oxidisation of any minor rust already present, and enhances long term value, safety and structural stability.

We complete your vehicle’s protection with  Nilrust Sound Deadener – a fibre reinforced bitumen based product applied in a thick coating to the under body of your vehicle. This serves to reduce road noise caused by tyre to road contact and stones, gravel, sand and water being thrown against the floor pan and wheel wells. It also protects your Nilrust Rust Proofing from potentially damaging stone chips and your vehicle will benefit from increased temperature insulation and added protection from damaging, abrasive dust particles on moving parts.


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