Benefits of GLARE Car Paint Protection


  • Protects & Enhances New Car Shine
  • Makes Washing Easy
  • Eliminates Waxing & Polishing
  • Preserves Resale Value of New Car
  • Increases Resale Value of Used Car
  • More accurate colour matching for touch-ups
    and panel work
  • Ultimate mirror finish protective coating which remains flexible and allows the paint surface to remain natural and flex with temperature changes.

Car paint protection protects against acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, pollution fallout, road grime, UV rays, fading and against, the many harmful environmental pollutants.

Warranty 5 years (from build date) $660-incl. GST.

This long lasting application is chemically formulated to provide exterior protection and enhance the painted finish of your vehicle.

GLARE car paint protection contains Glassplexin® the latest liquid glass technology, used to prepare, polish, seal and protect all paint finishes on cars.

It contains no silicones, waxes, teflon, polymers or other performance enhancing agents commonly found in other products, so will not fade, melt, run or dissipate. The product forms a covalent bond, on or within the painted surface, becoming part of the paint, instead of just laying on top as most other products do.

These products are used by Boeing, conforms to their standards and has been tried and tested by numerous automotive, aviation, marine and motorcycle industries.

What you get with GLARE Car Paint Protection service...

  • Vehicle Wash Exterior.
  • De-Wax with waterbase dewaxer This gives the applicator a close up feel of the car & removes all waxes
    & polishes. After all we want the paint back to its natural state & true color before we seal it.
  • Clay if needed If there is any industrial fall out, this is removed by use of liquid clay block. Ninety five per cent of cars done require this, especially if cars were imported or have been standing in holding yards.
  • Pre-Cleaner GLARE Micro-Finish is applied to prepare paint. This step also fills in (it is NOT advisable to buff/cut back fresh uncured paint). Many dealerships still use out-dated methods, hence the buff marks on new cars.
  • Spiderweb/Swirl-Remover if needed If there are spiderweb marks (from incorrect washing) or swirl marks (from previous inferior product applied), this is fixed by use of GLARE Spiderweb/ swirl remover.
  • Paint Protection Sealant – First coat The first coat of paint protection is applied.
  • Paint Protection Sealant – Second coat The final seal coat is applied to entire vehicle including the exterior windows & wheel rims. This is left to cure before buffed off.
  • Rubber Treatment All exterior rubbers, plastics door jams, under bonnet plastics treated as part
    of our basic service.
  • Return Vehicle, complete with aftercare kit! Your car is returned in a better than new condition with a complimentary aftercare kit & instructions on how to look after your car correctly with quality aftercare products.


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